SwiftPad - Pharmacy at Your Fingertips.

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Forme et santé Médecine
Développeur Li Chen

Improving Canadian Healthcare, One Prescription at a Time.

SwiftPad allows you to easily send your prescriptions to your local pharmacy and manage all your refills in just a few clicks.

Take a picture of your prescription, send it to your pharmacy, and receive real time updates when its ready for pickup. You no longer have to fax or wait in line, just take a picture!


-Real time updates on prescription filling
-Refill management
-Easily view pharmacies around your area
-Send prescriptions in just a few clicks


-You dont have to drop off your prescription only to come back again, fax it or wait in line to get your medication
-Add your healthcare and insurance in-app so your pharmacist can facilitate the process
-Easily call your pharmacist through our app
-In-app pharmacy directions

All your healthcare information, prescriptions, and personal information is encrypted and safely secured following all HIPAA and PHIPA regulations.